The first three things you should do are: (1) make sure your child gets medical attention for any injuries he or she has suffered, (2) call your county’s animal control office so that they can take the dog into custody and quarantine the dog, and (3) see if you can determine who owns the dog.

Florida dog bite victims definitely have claims against dog owners when dogs bite or injures someone or damages a person’s property. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by dog attack victims is finding insurance or assets to pay their claims.  Because of the proliferation of dog bite claims over the past few years, many property insurers are excluding coverage for dog bites, or attempting to charge dog owners much higher premiums.  Many dog owners are opting out of dog bite coverage and are going “bare”.  This forces dog bite victims to decide whether they want to go forward with a claim in hopes that the dog owner will voluntarily offer money, or will have money left to pay a judgment.

Hiring an experienced Florida accident attorney is many times the only hope that a dog bite victim has of receiving compensation for his injuries or for getting his medical bills paid. 

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