We are fortunate enough to get to meet with, and help, a lot of good people who have been involved in Florida accidents—from car accidents to trip and falls to injuries resulting from negligent security. Many people come to us after having met with, and received advice from, other attorneys.

One of the things that really startles me about the advice that other attorneys sometimes give clients has to do with wage loss claims.  As many people already know, lost wages directly related to an accident are recoverable as damages in a personal injury case.   For whatever reason, some attorneys seem to tell people that in order to maximize the value of their case (and particularly their wage loss claims) they need to stay home from work to the greatest extent possible after an accident. We have always questioned this kind of advice.

The Truth About When You Should Return to Work After an Accident Injury

Unless a doctor is telling an accident victim to stay home from work due to an injury, we believe that people who are injured in accidents should try to return to work, and also try to resume a normal lifestyle, as quickly as possible.  This is not to say that an injured person should do something that would obviously put himself at risk of exacerbating an injury.  But at the same time, we’ve always felt that juries seem to think more highly of, and reward, people who seem to be trying hard to resume a normal life – including work.  We have always felt that jury awards are bigger for people who are showing real effort.  After all, people are already skeptical about personal injury plaintiffs simply as a result of being the person seeking money.  We really question lawyers who give advice to the contrary.

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