Altamonte Springs Police officers are recommending criminal sexual abuse charges against several Cooper City High School baseball players who are accused of hazing a younger teammate in a sexually abusive manner, according to the Channel 6/ website.

The connection to Altamonte Springs comes from allegations that the abuse occurred when the team was in Central Florida at a baseball tournament. Apparently, there were several acts of abuse including forcibly removing a boys underwear and penetrating boys’ rectums with fingers and even a Gatorade bottle.

What Did The Coach Know?

These kinds of allegations are shocking – even for me, a Florida child sexual abuse lawyer. However, the most shocking thing to me is that the coaches or other school officials — who were assuredly with the baseball team at this tournament — seemingly either did not know, or worse, ignored, what was going on.

After all, adult chaperones are required on these trips specifically to keep things like this from happening.  Apparently, the coach, Chris Delgado, is no longer with the team – although no reason is provided in the story.

Schools, as well as other youth-focused organizations, can be held liable for when their employees fail to adequately monitor children who are abused under their care, custody, or control. Abused children can oftentimes recover money damages to help them pay for what can often be years of counseling and psychological/psychiatric care and treatment.

Our law firm helps achieve justice for children who have been sexually abused in youth-centered organizations. We help kids get the specialized help they need in order to begin the healing process.

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