A Florida vacation is something people all over the world look forward to.  Florida’s tropical weather, world-famous amusement parks, sunny beaches, water parks, golf courses, resorts, and other attractions make Florida a popular vacation destination year-round.  Unfortunately, hundreds of vacations are ruined due to preventable accidents.  A rental car accident, a slip in a restaurant, a fall on an uneven sidewalk, being robbed outside your hotel, or having your hotel room invaded can all change a vacation from a long-anticipated event to a painful memory or nightmare.
Your Florida vacation should be memorable, but not for the wrong reasons.

Attorney Kim Cullen has 16 years of experience practicing law in Florida and has represented clients from all over the world who have been injured in the Orlando area.  Kim’s goal is to provide you with the very best in personal legal services.  He will do everything he can to see that you receive fair compensation for your medical costs, lost income, and for the pain that you and your family experience


In Florida, hotel and resort owners must keep rooms, common areas, and parking lots safe from dangerous conditions.  Any hazard, such as a slippery surface, should be marked and some kind of warning posted.  Hotels and resorts also have the responsibility to keep their premises protected from criminal activity with adequate lighting, security personnel, and secure locks on the doors.

Hotel Swimming Pools

If a guest is injured or killed in a hotel or resort swimming pool, the hotel may be liable if any of the following conditions occurred.

  • Lack of supervision

Hotels must either provide a trained lifeguard or warn about the absence of one.  If there is a lifeguard, he should be paying adequate attention.  There must also be enough supervision to cover all users of the swimming pool.

  • Insufficient Water Depth

Pools should have permanent, readable depth markings, especially under diving boards.  Diving should not be allowed in shallow water.  Pools should be completely filled with water.

  • Low visibility or poor lighting

Low lighting may be aesthetically pleasing, but it also enhances the possibility of injury.  Pools should be well lit, so any hazards can be seen.

  • Lack of safety equipment

Whether or not there is a lifeguard on duty, a pool should be equipped with life saving equipment.  The equipment should be easy to find and accessible in an emergency.  An emergency phone with appropriate phone should also be available.  There should a staff member trained in resuscitation.

If a guest dies because life-saving equipment is not available, the hotel may be liable for the wrongful death.

Theme Parks and Water Parks

A vacation in Orlando often includes visits to our celebrated theme parks and water parks. These parks should keep rides in working order and warn patrons about any ride dangers.  Theme parks should design their rides in such a way that they are thrilling, but not dangerous.  Parks should warn riders that are too short to ride safely or who have health issues that would make the ride dangerous.  It is important that theme parks properly instruct riders with information about how to safely operate or experience the ride.  Sidewalks should be level, and there should be adequate security to keep all patrons safe.


Restaurants should clean up spills as soon as they happen to prevent falls and other injuries.  Restaurants should make sure that the food they are serving is wholesome and free from foreign substances like glass, metal, or large pieces of bone.

Travel insurance disputes

When you purchase travel insurance, you expect that your medical and additional travel expenses are covered if your vacation is unexpectedly cut short because of an accident or injury.  However, insurance companies often put profit above your best interests.  The contracts can be ambiguous and may contain complicated clauses that allow the insurance companies to avoid paying full benefits.  If your travel insurance company refuses to pay your claim, denies payment, delays payment or offers an inadequate payment, we may be able to help.


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