resolving hurricane insurance disputesHurricanes exemplify perhaps that most destructive force that exists in nature.  When man-made structures like homes, apartments, commercial buildings, or even vehicles, are exposed to the catastrophic winds and rains associated with a hurricane, it is no surprise that significant loss of and damage to property frequently occurs.

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, we have seen survivors of hurricanes - including, most recently, Hurricane Michael, suffer the following losses:

  • Physical damage to a home, homestead, or business
  • Physical damage to a business or other commercial property
  • Loss of treasured belongings
  • Displacement from home while a home is being repaired
  • Interruption of revenue from a business while a physical location is being repaired
  • Loss of a job due to the storm disrupting an employer

Many losses associated with hurricanes are, or should be, covered by homeowners' and business owners' insurance policies.  However, these policies can sometimes be very confusing and can contain a multitude of exclusions and exceptions.  Sometimes insurance companies seek to deny coverage on shaky grounds, underpay on claims, or seek to classify a loss as something that it isn't, and as a result the customer pays a larger deductible.

Resolving Hurricane Damage Insurance Disputes

Lawyers who are experienced handling insurance disputes can often help hurricane victims secure the coverage that they have paid premiums for, and receive just compensation or reimbursement for their property damage and related claims.

At Cullen & Hemphill, we have been handling disputes with insurance companies for over 25 years.  Our experienced attorneys can help hurricane victims under their policies, coverage, and deductibles, prepare for their interactions with the insurance adjusters, and assist in evaluating offers made by the insurance companies.

If an insurance company wrongfully denies, underpays, or improperly disputes a hurricane victims' claim, and a lawsuit has to be filed to help the hurricane victim recover daamages, the insurance company can frequently be required to pay reasonable attorneys' fees and costs at the end of the case - in addition to the insurance benefits.

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