Event insurance is temporary coverage frequently required by a venue when the location has been rented by an individual or group for a party or event.  For example, event insurance is often required of concert promoters, sports clubs, and even wedding parties. 

What Kinds Of Claims Are Covered by Event Insurance?

Event insurance typically only covers incidents of negligence arising out of the event, itself.  For example, if a musician dove off of a stage during a performance and fell on top of someone in the audience and injured her, , this kind of things would typically be covered by event insurance -- not the insurance carried by the arena, itself.  Another example might be if a guest at a wedding was hit in the eye when the bride threw her bouquet at the end of the reception.  In cases like these the insurance company that sold the event coverage would step in and handle the claim just like any other liablity claim.

Is Everything And Anything That Happens At An Event Covered By Event Insurance?

Event insurance typically does NOT cover defects or unsafe conditions that might exist in a venue, itself.  Some examples of claims that would likely not be covered by event insurance could be could be a leaky faucet in a restroom that causes someone to fall during a wedding reception, or a lighting fixture at an arena that falls and hurts somebody.  These types of claims will likely be the responsibility of the owner of the venue and the venue's commercial general liability insurance carrier.

It is sometimes very difficult for an injured party to discern which coverage should be responsive to a given claim.  It is not unusual for an event insurance carrier and a premises liability insurer to both deny a claim because each thinks the other's coverage applies.  In situations like these, it is sometimes necessary to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine which coverage ought to apply and to make one or the other carrier pay damages.

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