Posted on Oct 31, 2010

Semoran Boulevard in Orlando was the scene of another traffic fatality this weekend when a motorcyclist was killed in a crash near the intersection of Semoran Blvd. and Hibiscus Road.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a 20-year old motorcyclist was killed in the northbound lanes of State Road 436 when his motorcycle struck the rear of an SUV being driven by Patricia Reahard, of Naples.  Apparently, Ms. Reahard had been traveling southbound on Semoran when she decided to make a U-turn at the intersection of Hibiscus Road.  Seemingly, Ms. Reahard’s vehicle made it through its turn, but into the way of the oncoming motorcyclist.

The Orlando Sentinel story does not indicate whether Ms. Reahard was charged, but as an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney it seems her u-turn violated the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.  Drivers must make sure the way is clear of oncoming traffic before executing u-turns.  In our experience, drivers often miss seeing motorcyclists — even when they are plainly there.  Unfortunately, very few car vs. motorcycle crashes end with only minor injuries.

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