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  • Distracted Driver Reaching For Cell Phone | Law Enforcement Injured Distracted driving is one of the biggest problems we face on Orlando roadways. Cell phones, texting, and soon -- websurfing -- all increase the change that a distracted driver will make a mistake and hurt or kill somebody.
  • Pedestrian Killed By GMC Pickup Leaving Destination Daytona It is always important to be vigilant and to drive with a car when leaving a sizeable event where pedestrians will be found. Many facilities will hire extra people to control or direct traffic under such circumstances.
  • Orlando Motorcycle Crash Kills Candelaria The unfortunate truth about motorcyclists is that they are exposed, and any mistake or lapse in judgement by the motorcyclist or the drivers around him will either lead to a serious personal injury or a wrongful death.
  • Lake County Bus Crash Nets At Least Five Injured Unfortunately, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits are not available for injuries from bus accidents. We have experience handling injury cases for bus passengers. Call us at 407-644-4444 with your questions.
  • Accused Drunk Driver Kills War Hero In Crash A decorated war hero from Iraq was senselessly killed by an accused drunk driver in a bad car accident. The drunk driver refused a field sobriety test and has several drunk driving arrests in the past. Cullen & Hemphill, PLC handles cases involving drunk drivers.
  • Paramedic Almost Killed by Driver Distracted By Cell Phone Distracted driving is a disturbing trend. The Florida Legislature need to do something about this frequent cause of automobile accidents before more tragic stories like this one occur.