Posted on May 03, 2010

A motorcycle ride turned deadly for Christian Rios Candelaria Sunday night on Conway Road, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

At approximately 10PM last night, Christian Rios Candelaria was riding his 2005 Suzuki motorcycle northbound on Conway Road.  As Mr. Candelaria approached the Conway’s intersection with Gatlin Avenue, an Infiniti being driven by 19-year old Garrett Beach attempted to make a left-hand turn from southbound Conway Road.  Mr. Candelaria’s motorcycle collided with the side of the Infiniti.  He was thrown from his vehicle and later pronounced dead.  The Orlando Sentinel reported that Mr. Candelaria was not wearing a helmet, but thanks to the Florida Legislature motorcyclists are not required by law to wear helmets.

Our hearts go out to the Candelaria family.  Unfortunately, operating a motorcycle is an extremely dangerous undertaking in Central Florida.  We have previously reported on the needless tragedies that have been created when drivers don’t look for motorcyclists before pulling out.

The unfortunate truth about motorcyclists is that they are exposed, and any mistake or lapse in judgment by the motorcyclist or the drivers around him will either lead to a serious personal injury or a wrongful death.  We are in favor of additional training for drivers to be taught to look for motorcyclists on the roadways.