Posted on Dec 14, 2010

Central Florida Fox News reported today on the second arrest of local physician, Mladen Antolic, on drug possession charges.  It was well reported in our local media, and in my news and blog posts, that Dr. Antolic was arrested several weeks ago in connection with drugs found during an investigation by multiple agencies in the prescription drugs being prescribed and dispensed from his pain clinic, Injury Mid-Florida Rehabilitation.

Apparently, this time Dr. Antolic was arrested and charged only with possession alprazolam, otherwise generally known by one of its brand names, Xanax.  In addition to Xanax, Dr. Antolic was also found to be in possession of cocaine, as well as an assortment of painkillers.

Central Florida law enforcement authorities have recently been cracking down on what they call “pill mills”, and the practice of some pain clinics of dispensing excessive amounts of drugs to patients.  Many of these patients are later victims of wrongful death as a result of prescription drug overdose.

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