Posted on Mar 01, 2010

This is a tragic story from the Washington Post coming out of the town of Lewes, Delaware, involving a pediatrician accused of sexually abusing and molesting many his minor female patients since 1998.  In some cases, the doctor even videotaped with hidden video cameras his encounters with the kids.

The story is an interesting read because it illustrates what we find to be the situation with the parents of the minor victims in many of our cases.  In almost every case of child sexual abuse, the warning signs of abuse are there is plain sight for everyone to see – but people either choose not to see them, or have reasons in their own background that they are not equipped or cannot see them.

For example, in the Delaware story, the pediatrician used many of the standard “tricks” used by pedophiles to earn the trust of kids — providing children with toys, candy, lots of personalized attention.  Sadly, the parents in the Delaware story just took this to be eccentric behavior on the part of the doctor.  This was actually a warning sign.

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