Posted on May 10, 2010

No sooner did John Durinick bail out of jail on child sex abuse charges, than he was hit with another charge for improper sexual contact with another child. He is the St. Cloud martial arts instructor who was accused a couple of weeks ago of more than 100 counts of improper sexual contact with several of his martial arts students.

Apparently, after news reports surfaced concerning Mr. Durinick’s first arrest, an additional 14-year old martial arts student came forward and reported that Mr. Durinick has inappropriately touched her at the martial arts studio where he worked.

As with most incidents like this, there is almost always a breakdown in either a background check or supervision of the sexual abuser.  It is very rare that a sexual abuser of children begins his abuse behavior “out of the blue” or without some sign or forewarning.  Learn more about child sexual abuse cases here.