Posted on Sep 22, 2010

A South Florida television station recently reported about a Brevard County school bus driver who was photographed by her student passengers texting while driving her school bus!  

Understandably, students and parents are outraged.  As of the time that the story ran, the Brevard County School Board had taken no corrective action against the bus driver.

Ironically, this week the U.S. Department of Transportation is holding a national summit on the dangers of distracted driving.  The Department of Transportation has listed texting while driving as the most dangerous thing that a driver can do behind the while because it takes their attention away from what they are supposed to be doing, it takes their eyes off of the road, and it takes their hand off the steering wheel.

As an Orlando personal injury attorney who represents clients injured by distracted drivers, this kind of story stuns me.  Obviously, this kind of behavior is extremely dangerous when transporting a bunch of children — not only to the children, but to other drivers on the road around this huge bus.  Hopefully, steps will be taken by the School Board to make kind of behavior unacceptable.