I recently saw an article on the orlandosentinal.com talking about a 24-year old man who was recently shot but lived at the Chowder Bay Apartments in Orlando, Florida. The reason why that story struck me was because my firm represents the family of a 27-year old man who was shot and killed just a week ago and yet there’s been another shooting and another person hurt, this time not killed apparently, at the same exact apartment complex.

So as an attorney, as someone who handles negligent security cases throughout Florida, the question just jumps into my mind, “What in the world is up with the security at Chowder Bay Apartments?” You would think that after an apartment complex has suffered a tragic loss of life because someone shot somebody else that they would be doing whatever they needed to do to keep other people save from shootings, whether that be put arm security on the property, triple or quadruple the amount of security on the property, ask off-duty police officers to be on the property, have video everywhere so that a shooter might think twice before shooting someone thinking that they’ll be caught. But apparently, that hasn’t happened at this apartment complex. This apartment complex is owned by a large company from up north who would seem to have the resources available to beef up security at this apartment complex if it wanted to. Hopefully, we’ll learn why there isn’t adequate security there, why people keep getting shot, but until then, our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who’s at Chowder Bay, anyone who’s there, please be on your guard, please be aware of anything going on around you and try to stay safe.

If you have any questions about a negligent security case in Florida, anywhere in Florida not just Central Florida, call me or my law partner Robert Hemphill at (407) 254-4901, or visit our website at cullen-hemphill.com.

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