No matter how you were injured in Florida—a motor vehicle crash, slip and fall, a workplace accident, or at the hands of a careless doctor—we want to hear your story. If we can help, we will take your case and fight for the compensation you deserve from the responsible party.

Motor Vehicle AccidentsMotor Vehicle Accidents

Whether your rental car was sideswiped on Route 429, you were hit on your motorcycle while riding to Biketoberfest, or a loved one was involved in a truck accident on Highway 408, your life changed in the blink of an eye. Suddenly you are dealing with injuries, hospital visits, loss of income, insurance companies, and perhaps even death and burial expenses. Where can you turn for help?

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, every traffic accident case gets our very best. Attorneys Kim Cullen and Bob Hemphill will do everything they can to see you receive fair compensation for medical costs, lost income, burial expenses, and for the pain that you and your family have endured. Contact us today to learn more about our firm and our commitment to helping accident victims like you.

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

In Florida, when the negligence of a person or entity causes or contributes to another person's untimely death, the family of the victim will often be entitled to money damages under the Florida Wrongful Death Act.

Wrongful death claims can be asserted when negligence causes an immediate death, but can also be pursued if a person is initially injured, but later succumbs to those injuries.

The Florida Wrongful Death Act controls which family members have claims for damages following the death of a loved one.  The Act also controls what kinds of damages those loved ones and/or family members can collect.  This can often be confusing and sometimes this confusion can cause conflict between the survivors.

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, we are proud to have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for grieving spouses, children, and parents following the loss of a loved one.  Wrongful Death claims can be very complicated, so it is important that family members know and understand their legal rights.  If you have any questions about a potential Florida Wrongful Death claim, reach out to us.  We have happy to speak with you at no cost, and answer all of your questions.

Child Abuse & NeglectChild Abuse & Neglect

Discovering that your child has been harmed is worse than any injury you could suffer yourself, especially when that injury was caused by a caregiver or a child abuser or pedophile. Your child deserves justice and the perpetrator of the abuse or neglect should be held accountable. While the criminal justice system may punish the abuser, the only way you can get the compensation your child deserves for his suffering is with a civil lawsuit.

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, we are proud to represent children who have been injured through negligence or abuse in their fight for the compensation they deserve for their suffering. We also represent parents in wrongful death claims when a child is tragically killed. Connect with us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. We will listen with the sensitivity and compassion you need and deserve at this difficult time.

Slips & FallsSlips & Falls

When you enter a store or park in a garage, you don’t expect to have to be on the alert for dangerous hazards. In fact, the store owner or parking garage manager has a duty to keep their premises as safe as possible. This includes cleaning, maintenance, lighting, and security as needed to keep the area free of trip hazards, fall risks, theme park ride malfunctions, and criminal activity. When you are injured at a business or in a theme park, consult Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, to find out if you have a premises liability claim.

Our attorneys will investigate your accident to determine if there is any evidence of negligence on the part of the property owner or manager and pursue a claim for compensation if there is. While you recover from your injuries, we will fight for the money you need and deserve to pay medical bills and make up for lost wages. Don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. 

Workplace InjuriesWorkplace Injuries

Work-related injuries are common in certain jobs in Florida. Common causes include manual handling of heavy goods, falls, vehicle accidents—including trucks, cars, and forklifts—exposure to hazards, and faulty equipment. If you are injured at work in Florida, you will probably be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, but you may also be able to file a personal injury claim against a third party.

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, our workplace injury attorneys will handle your workers’ comp claim and pursue damages from any other liable party so that you can focus on your recovery. We have won millions of dollars for our clients in work-related injury cases and we will fight to get you the maximum recovery possible when you are injured at work.

Dangerous or Defective Products/Products LiabilityDangerous or Defective Products/Products Liability

In our modern society we use and consume more mass-produced products than ever before.  Laws and professional standards are in place across most industries that are supposed to govern the safety of the products that are provided to us as consumers.

Unfortunately, some companies and manufacturers are under so much pressure to generate profits that they cut corners with the design or manufacture of their products.  When manufacturers don't comply with rule and standards, the products they produce can be extremely dangerous to consumers - causing severe injuries or even deaths.

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, we are proud to have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our deserving clients who have been injured by dangerous products.  If you have been injured by a product that you believe was dangerous or unsafe, reach out to us.  We will be happy to answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision about your legal rights.

Dog BitesDog Bites

No matter how much we love and cherish our own dogs, and no matter how much we consider dogs to be "man's best friend", the fact remains that dogs bite and seriously injure humans almost 5 million times per year according to the Centers for Disease Control.

When dogs bite or attack human beings, serious injuries can occur. Torn skin or damaged muscle and tissue are the frequent consequences of dog bites. Because of their size, small children are often the victims of dog attacks. A pack of attacking dogs can even take the life of a human being.

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, we are proud to have represented hundreds of adult and children victims of dog bites.  Our firm has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for our deserving clients.  If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, reach out to us.  We are happy to answer all of your questions, so that you can make an informed decision about your legal rights.


Florida Tourist AccidentsFlorida Tourist Accidents

There is nothing worse than suffering a serious accident while on vacation. Where do you get medical help? What if you can’t make your flight home? It becomes even more complicated when someone else’s negligence caused your accident and you need to pursue a personal injury claim. If you were injured at a theme park, shopping mall, or any other Central Florida destination, you need the help of a local law firm to protect your right to compensation.

As Florida attorneys, we can provide out-of-state and international clients with the legal support they need when they are taking on one of our popular area businesses. We have the experience and determination to get the evidence you need from these very reluctant parties and we will remain in constant communication with you—even after you return home. Schedule a free consultation with us as soon as possible after your accident. We are here to help.

Medical MalpracticeMedical Malpractice

When you undergo a medical procedure, you understand that there is a certain amount of risk involved. Even when no mistakes are made, your outcome may not be what you are hoping for. However, when your poor result or injury was caused by a medical professional’s negligence or incompetence, you may have cause for a medical malpractice claim. How do you know when you have a legal claim for damages following a medical mishap? Ask the legal professionals.

At Cullen & Hemphill, PLC, our attorneys are experienced in medical malpractice cases. They will listen to your story, consult their medical experts, interview witnesses, and determine whether you have a viable claim or not. If you do, they will handle all aspects of your case as you recover from your injuries or deal with the loss of a loved one. If you left a hospital worse than you entered it, contact us for a free consultation to discuss the possibility of a medical malpractice claim.

Insurance DisputesInsurance Disputes

When you purchase insurance, you expect the insurance company to be there when misfortune affects you or your family. You don’t expect unfair delays, unreasonable denials, or inadequate payments. If your insurance company is not living up to its obligations, let attorneys Kim Cullen and Bob Hemphill put their personal and professional legal services to work for you.

Kim and Bob handle all types of insurance disputes, including life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, property insurance, renters insurance, disability insurance, and travel insurance. Call Cullen & Hemphill, PLC at 407-644-4444 to discuss your case.

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