Street racing is suspected in a tragic traffic that took the life of a Scotsman, and severely injured his wife earlier this week.  According to reporting by the Daily Record, Peter Doherty, and his wife, Isobel Doherty, of Dumbarton, Scotland, northwest of Glasgow, were waiting at a bus stop near Millenia Mall in Orlando.  As they waited, two vehicles that eyewitnesses described as looking like they were racing, approached the bus stop.  For reasons currently unknown, one of the vehicles – a Ford Focus – left the roadway and hit Mr. and Mrs. Doherty.

According to reports, Ms. Doherty suffered broken ribs and other injuries.  Tragically, Mr. Doherty lost his life.

As Orlando accident attorneys who have seen more than our share of tragedy from automobile versus pedestiran accidents, our hearts go out to the entire Doherty clan.  It is never easy to lose a loved one, but losing a family member so suddenly, and while on holiday, no less, must be particularly jarring.

Although the reporting does not mention what happened to the driver of the Ford Focus, we certainly hope the driver has been taken into custody.  Similarly, we hope he was responsible enough to carry plenty of liability insurance to answer to the Doherty family’s damages claims.

Fortunately, the Dohertys will not have to face one of the largest challenges we seem to face every time we represent families from Scotland and England in connection with Florida car crashes.  Defendants in Florida car accident cases involving residents of the UK always want to argue that our clients looked the wrong way, or did not adhere to proper visual cues when UK residents are injured in automobile crashes here in Orlando.

If street racing was involved, Florida law may allow the Dohertys to seek damages from both the Ford Focus and the vehicle was was racing with.

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