Help may soon be on the way for people who suffer brain injuries in Florida automobile accidents — and a famous hockey player may be responsible for bringing an exciting new treatment into the mainstream.

Many people are aware that Sidney Crosby suffered a serious head injury during the 2010 hockey season, and was diagnosed with a concussion as a result. Mr. Crosby was not alone. Thousands of motorists suffer brain injuries in Florida car accidents each year, and suffer with the symptoms of concussion such as amnesia, loss of mental function, irritability, confusion, and loss of balance.

After trying several treatment modalities, Mr. Crosby finally settled found a device called the “GyroStim” located in Atlanta, Georgia. The “GyroStim” is essentially a motorized mechanical chair that rotates slowly in several different planes of motion. The idea is to stimulate brain function in such a way that the brain reprograms itself to work around injured areas.  It appears that the treatment has worked for Mr. Crosby, as he scored a goal in his first game back in the NHL.

As an Orlando accident attorney who has represented many Florida brain injury victims, I am excited any time I hear about new treatment options for these kinds of injuries. Although brain injuries can often not be seen on X-rays or diagnostic studies, they can be debilitating for patients.

If you have any questions about a Florida brain injury, call Winter Park personal injury attorney Kim Cullen at 407-644-4444.

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