I was very surprised to read on the Insurance Journal website that mega-star Tom Hanks, and his accomplished actress wife, Rita Wilson, have filed suit against their former insurance broker. Apparently, the Hankses had done business with an insurance agency called the J.B. Goldman Insurane Agency for over 20 years, until recently making a change.

The Hanks lawsuit alleges that when the Hankses changed insurance agents last month, their new agent discovered that they had been overcharged for coverage for years, and had been sold multiple policies that duplicated coverage they already had. Many people do not realize that their insurance agent may owe them a solemn,fiduciary duty to help them pick the correct coverages. If insurance agents don’t fulfill this duty, they may be liable if the insured finds himself without the insurance he thought he had or should have had.

While the facts of the case will surely be more fully fleshed out in discovery, it struck me just how uninformed, and therefore vulnerable, most consumers are when it comes to insurance. If powerful multi-millionaires like the Hankses can be led astray about their insurance coverages, there is no question that a “regular” consumer should be cautious and should make sure they understand what they are buying.

Obviously, the Hankses had sufficient financial capability to hire the best and the brightest advisors to help them analyze their insurance needs, or to check over what their insurance agent was recommending. Consumers in Central Florida don’t need to be rich to get help buying insurance.

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