Local media reported a serious crash in Eustis involving a hit-and-run driver, two flipped vehicles, three significant injuries, and 2,000 Progress Energy customers without power in the early morning hours Friday.  The collision occurred at Orange Avenue and Center Street in Eustis at approximately 1AM.

Apparently, the offending driver was operating his vehicle at a high rate of speed, ran a red light, and crashed into the accident victims.  The energy involved in the crash was  enough to push the victims’ car into a curb, flip it, and cause it to take down a power pole.  This caused a power outage in the Eustic area which luckily only lasted a short time.

The three occupants of the victims’ vehicle were transported from the scene to local hospitals.  The driver of the offending vehicle apparently fled on foot and has not bee apprehended.

Although we have no information about the identities of the injured parties, we hope that had selected Uninsured Motorist benefits when they purchased their automobile insurance.  Uninsured Motorist benefits are designed to compensate a driver who has been hit and injured by a driver who has no insure, or does not have enough insurance to provide adequate compensation.  Uninsured Motorist coverage can regularly be applied to hit-and-run accident.

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