Fox 35 News in Orlando is reporting a very serious accident in Daytona Beach today that left a total of five people injured — two of them in critical condition. Apparently, the crash occurred at or near the corner of Beville Road and South Clyde Morris Blvd.

Law enforcement officials say that a white min-van was heading southbound on Clyde Morris when its driver suffered a “medical emergency,” causing the van to drift across into the northbound lanes of Clyde Morris. Unfortunately, the van collided head-on with a blue sedan that was loaded with passengers aged from 49 to 8.

Five people were taken from the scene to Halifax Hospital Medical Center — three of them in serious condition and two in critical condition. We will keep our fingers crossed that these innocent victims in this crash recover from their injuries in due time.

Of course, I have not idea exactly what happened in this Daytona Beach car accident. But as an Orlando accident attorney, I am always cautious when a driver who causes a crash claims that he or she has suffered a medical emergency that contributes to causing the crash. Of course, I have a great deal of sympathy for a driver who truly suffers an unforeseen and unanticipated medical emergency. Sometimes bad things happen that cannot be anticipated.

However, in my experience handling automobile accident cases, many of the drivers who claim “medical emergency” actually have ample reason to anticipate that they will, or may, experience a medical problem while behind the wheel. An example might be a seizure patient who fails to take his anti-seizure medicine before driving, or a diabetic who fails to take care of his blood sugar or take his insulin. In these kinds of cases we have been able to recover money for our injured clients by proving that these situations are hardly medical “emergencies.”

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