Gloria Harness was killed last night as she sat at the red light of Colonial Drive and Goldenrod Road in Orlando.  As Ms. Harness sat as a passenger in her friend Tyne Deacon’s car, their car was rear-ended by a car being driven by Mark Hunt.  Mr. Hunt was going so fast that his vehicle hit Ms. Deacon’s then also hit a care being driven by Derrow Jean.

Ms. Harness was pronounced dead at the scene, whie Ms. Deacon and her minor daughter, Brianna, were injured at the scene both taken to the hospital for treatment.

According to media reports, the Florida Highway Patrol suspects that Mr. Hunt may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash.  Charges are being reserved until alcohol tesing returns.

Our hearts go out to the Harness and Deacon families.  If Mr. Hunt was drunk, there is no excuse for him driving that way.  Florida law states that he can be held liable for punitive damages if he was drunk.  It is will interesting to see how his insurance company deals with these issues.

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