A 22-year old woman was killed and her 4-year old daughter was seriously injured in a head-on crash on Goldenrod Road in Orlando, near Curry Ford Road.  Local television station WFTV is reporting that several eyewitnesses to the crash believe that the driver who hit the young woman was street racing down Goldenrod Road and lost control of his vehicle.  The Florida Highway patrol is reporting that none of the individuals involved in the crash was wearing a seatbelt, and that they have not decided whether to charge the offending driver.

The 4-year old little girl suffered a broken cheek, fractured jaw, and her left leg was broken in three places.  The driver of the vehicle that allegedly caused the crash is in critical condition in the hospital.

This story highlights the dangers of street racing.  Street racing is obviously incredibly dangerous — not only for the street racer, but also for anyone unfortunate enough to happen upon an area where a street race is going on.  There have been attempts to curb and discourage street racing over the years, but stories like this one keep cropping up.  Perhaps it is time for the Florida Legislature to take a fresh look at this problem and make the penalties for street racing even stiffer.

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