A subpoena is a tool that can be used by any party in a lawsuit to gather information.

A subpoena is usually directed to a non-party - a person or entity not involved in the underlying lawsuit. A subpoena can be used to secure documents or electronic materials. A subpoena can also be used to compel a person to give sworn testimony about an issue relevant to a pending lawsuit.

Who Can Issue A Subpoena?

Subpoenas do not need to be issued by a Court or judge. A subpoena can be issued by any attorneys, acting in his role as an officer of the Court. Once a subpoena is issued, it must be served on the party to which it is directed by a certified Process Server.

People who have been served with a subpoena generally need to comply with them. However, there is a procedure in place where the subject of a subpoena can object and have a court rule upon whether the subpoena is appropriate.

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