Posted on Oct 11, 2010

Fox 35 News had an interesting follow-up piece regarding the section of Aloma Avenue where a Winter Park teenager was hit by two cars and killed on October 9th.  Tragically, Kason Bailey was crossing Aloma Avenue near Tangerine Avenue in the Goldenrod area returning to his apartment complex after shopping at a nearby strip mall.  Apparently, Kason was not crossing in a crosswalk when he was hit.

Local residents say that, although there are painted crosswalks across Aloma Avenue, the crosswalks are virtually worthless.  Motorists traveling down Aloma are generally in the flow of traffic at 45mph to 50 mph and regularly ignore the painted crosswalks.  Slowing or stopping for people in the crosswalk is the exception, rather than the rule.  Residents say that Kason Bailey’s is not the first wrongful death to occur involving pedestrians who live in the area.  Neighbors have pleaded with officials to install additional traffic stop lights on this residential stretch of Aloma.

Apparently, the publicity surrounding Kason’s death is having one positive effect.  Orange County government officials have pledged to take another look at the safety of the crosswalks, and have promised that if they believe the area is dangerous, that immediate changes will be made.

As an Orlando personal injury attorney who has seen more than his share of serious injuries and deaths in this area, I have to admit to being skeptical.