Posted on Mar 05, 2012

The Orlando Sentinel reported two separate wrong-way crashes last weekend that killed two people and sent at least three people to hospitals with serious injuries.  In the first crash, 55-year old Robert Houghton crashed his vehicle traveling the wrong way head-on into a pickup being driven by Timothy Scott Key on State Road 520.  Mr. Houghton was pronounced dead at the scene, while Mr. Key, and his passenger, Helen Rhodes were taken the hospital with major injuries.

In the second crash, 24-year old Lewis Fontana was traveling the wrong way on the Florida Turnpike when he crashed head-on into a BMW being driven by Tammy Bryan.  Tragically, Ms. Bryan died at the scene.  Mr. Fontana and his passenger, Drayson Edwards were both seriously injured.

As an Orlando accident attorney who has handled many wrong-way accident cases, it would be shocking to me if the wrong-way drivers in each of these incidents were not driving under the influence of alcohol.  In my experience, unless the driver is very elderly, having some kind of health emergency, or fleeing from the police, it is virtually impossible to remain traveling the wrong way on a highway.  After all, the reflectors found on highway road stripes all feature a bright red reflective color when the light hits them from “wrong” direction.  Unfortunately, the decision to drink alcohol and drive can be devastating.  Our hearts certainly go out to Ms. Bryan’s family for their tragic loss, as well as to the individuals who were seriously injured.  We will hope and pray for speedy recoveries.

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